In order to improve performance of RF systems, it is necessary to modify existing systems or retrofit old ones with new antennas. Our in-house antenna design capabilities include:

  • Tapered Anechoic Chamber
  • Antenna Measurement Equipment (including vector network analyzers, power meters and signal generators)
  • Engineers experienced with industry leading Ansys HFSS 3D full-wave electromagnetic field modeling software
  • Expert level Electrical and Mechanical design staff

We can quickly evaluate and modify antennas to:

  • Achieve optimum performance within RF systems
  • Install antennas into specific systems without affecting antenna performance
  • Improve gain by minimizing the effects of antenna matching, transmission effects and loading



Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are comprised primarily of copper, dielectric and electronic components that are at the core of virtually every aspect of technology. The ability to design and assemble PCBs enables us to provide engineering solutions for customers engaged in hardware development and system integration. Our testing capabilities and circuit design experience also improves customer design quality through circuit analysis and optimization.

Our engineering staff provides the resources to meet interface, control and RF design requirements using industry standard CAD/CAM tools. We work closely with customers and suppliers to ensure all design and manufacturing requirements are met. We maintain business relationships with local suppliers of PCB manufacturing and assembly in order to expedite production level manufacturing requirements.

RF Systems

RF circuit and system design are the technical foundations that make the wide range of wireless communications possible. We are committed to meeting the time, budget, performance and environmental requirements for long and short term projects. To accomplish the task, Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) components, modified COTS components and custom designs all are considered before the best overall solution is chosen and presented to the customer for discussion and decision.

Our staff utilizes design software for:

  • RF Circuit Design
  • Simulation and Analysis
  • Design and Simulation of Signal Processing and System Architecture
  • Schematic and Circuit Capture
  • Detailed Circuit Layout Design

We maintain a comprehensive array of RF test equipment to support its standard test and verification procedures. The performance of each prototype is tested and verified.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems offer solutions to problems that often appear to have none. Our development platforms allow us to design for a diverse set of microprocessors and chipsets from Microchip, Atmel, TI and many more. Our firmware development experience includes Intel 8031 and ARM core processors as well as Motorola and Xilinx chips.

We have successfully developed and integrated embedded systems for over 20 years. Our small-scale production lab and partnerships with fabrication houses allow us to create custom embedded platforms and develop firmware in-house. We use tools for both Windows and Linux (open source) such as MPLAB (Microchip) and Open Embedded. Not only was our reputation built on design and development, but also testing, evaluation and consulting. We will develop a solution for you or assist you with developing or enhancing your own solution.

Quick Reaction Capability (QRC)


Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) involves concept-to-shelf design under extremely tight deadlines, often in a few weeks or months. Our documented QRC Design Process ensures a quality product.

A complete documentation package delivered to the customer includes the following:

  • Hardware Design Package (schematics, layout, bill of materials)
  • Software Design Package (source code, executables, documentation)
  • Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) and Datasheet
  • Independent Verification & Validation Test Report
  • Product Manual

Our extensive design, layout and fabrication experience includes the following technologies:

  • Communications Circuits
  • Wire Line and Wireless Networks
  • Data Link Technologies (up to and including various antenna configurations and designs tailored for the installations)
  • Digital and Microprocessor Circuits (utilizing the smallest chip scale packages available on the market today)